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unika Core Drill series (E&S)

unika Core Drill series (E&S)

Unika has Core Drill can be used with normal drill machine by hand like Makita, Bosch, Dewalt, Hikoki, Milwaukee, Keyang, Crown, Dong cheng...

Working will be much easier than hammering by hand.  And it makes beautiful holes to wall and slab.

Hammering by hand   Drilling by Core Drill of unika





RC Type (ES-R) DC Type (ES-D)

- USES -


• Plasterboard

• Slate

• Block

• Brick

• Mortar

• Japanese wall

• Roof tile

• Porcelain tile

• Plastic•Porcelain pipe

• All types of exterior panels

- USES -

• Reinforced concrete

• Hard exterior panel

• Resin-bassed artificial marble

• Mortar

• Extruded cement plate

• Soft exterior panel

• Block

• Brick

• *Ceramic tile

• Stone


















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